Special purpose machines

Rollkon Kft. designs and implements self-designed special purpose machines, robot cells and production lines, based on unique needs. Projects include the development of the technology and the development-manufacturing processes, up to the deployment on site, together with warranty servicing activities.


Robot cell
A complete robot cell for the automation of wheel stamping and valve hole sealing. It was installed in 2012 in the Alcoa factory in China; also a similar cell was installed at Alcoa’s Hungarian site in 2013.


Robot cell - Sleeve press
A special purpose machine equipped with a power steering press, with three workstations (two servers and one pressing station.) Hydraulic clamping on workpieces; serving with a robotic arm. In the head part of the Lenker, the inner chamber is closed with a plastic plug, then the rubber sleeve is pressed with a so called power steering press. Reviewing and documenting the parameters of the pressing force and route, PTS data collection/connection.


Circuit breaker pad printer/laser engraving rotary table


Ford Transit swivel seat assembly line
The task was to design, manufacture, assemble and install the complete assembly line. The production line was deployed in Turkey, and performs the manufacturing and testing of the swivel seats of Ford Transit.

Denmark - 3

ESD gravity conveyor system
Manufactured on Danish demand, this is a gravity conveyor installed in ESD environment.

Denmark - 2

Pump tester acid-resistant conveyor system
A pallet conveyor which serves the pump tester. The mechanism was implemented by the combination of gravity and driven sections, equipped with an automatic pallet-rotating system.

Pallet-lifting and gravity track sections
A manually operated safety pallet lifting equipment, with the relevant gravity track section.

Denmark - 1

Welding robot cell, measuring system, conveyor
Local characteristics demanded the design of a unique conveyor in order to attach the welding robot and the pre-assembly station. By rotating the engine, the measurement machine makes a precise position possible, according to the technical requirements of robot welding. This was carried out by adding a pallet rotating system.

Blanking and oiler line
The manufacturing of the product is carried out by using a unique pallet, automatic position setting, a stripping tool and an oiler unit designed by us and by including a crimper position.

Inductive house heating equipment
A system implemented with uniquely designed pallets, conveyor system, and pneumatic gripping units, which performs the pairing and assembling of the casting houses and the rotor assemblies in the engine in an automated way, based on an inductive heating technology.


We won an investment tender for the period between 2010 and 2013 in the Székesfehérvár plant of Philips, during which we perform the design, the manufacturing and the installation of technologically deployed production lines.

  • LCD television production lines (ESD environment)
  • Packaging cells
  • Clean air conveyor systems


In the plant of Procter & Gamble, Hyginett Kft. in Csömör, our task was to rebuild the complete pneumatic measurement and control systems of 6 production lines, and to add and program a data collection system to these control systems.


Bumper blow-down equipment


Automatic threaded insert pressing machine

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