Our serially manufactured products

Save time and energy with the help of our intelligent storage machines, available at any time of the day.

Dispomat Sectioned

  • slatted door structure with horizontal moving
  • opening per sections
  • adjustable section sizes (spacings perforated at every 50 mms)
  • handling multiple entitlements within the tray
  • rent of big hand tools and smaller products
  • user friendly interface with touchscreen
  • unique queries, data export, developed reporting system
  • security light curtain for hand detection
  • card or barcode identification system
  • energy-saving LED lights above the delivery door
  • balance-monitoring system
  • Unloading based on the FIFO/LIFO principle
  • painting to a unique colour (ESD painting if needed)

Dispomat Standard

  • automatic door structure with vertical moving
  • gradual, smooth start; the shelves stop precisely in delivery position
  • balance-monitoring system
  • storage of big hand tools, templates and parts
  • security light curtain for hand detection
  • energy-saving LED lights above the delivery door
  • card or barcode identification system
  • operation with touchscreen, with graphic display
  • Unloading based on the FIFO/LIFO principle
  • optional: layout with sectioned trays or drawers built into trays
  • painting to a unique colour (ESD painting if needed)


Our DispoMat machine can be equipped with humidification function if necessary.

1. If the humidity level is 40-60% in the hall, we use ventilation in the container. With 1 piece of lower and/or 1 piece of upper ventilator. The m3/hour flushing value can be adjusted to specific needs, or, knowing the stored material and storage technology more precisely (is there an ongoing drying process in the container etc.), we can make suggestions.

  1. If the humidity level is 40-60% in the hall, it is not sure that the ventilation is sufficient in the container, so it is necessary to build in an air humidifier as well. We plan to build in the Easysteam Mini 6 equipment of Prego (or other, equivalent type) for this purpose (it is characterised by automatic operation, adjustable humidity level controls, display). For this process, we need the following equipment provided to us on site:
  • three-phase socket (with neutral wire) or a connection possibility
  • a water connection possibility with at least a 10 l/hour capacity in the vicinity of the machine
  • possibility for a drainage route in the vicinity of the machine, to drain the output water produced during the operation (=possible connection to the sewerage system)

Fine Stocker

  • 2 systems, with 2646 pieces of storage position per each
  • space allowance: width: 3,5 m, length: 42 m, height: 10 m
  • material administration or delivery at two spots (even on different levels)
  • Combinable, if needed, and sizes (storage capacity) can also be reduced
  • physical dimensions of the positions: width: 460 mm, depth: 850 mm, height: 220 mm
  • load capacity: 25 kg/position (optionally: 50 kg)

All positions are equipped with:

  • a stainless steel tray (845,4 x 456,4 x 35 mm) on every corner positioning tabs
  • the tray is equipped with a roof, also made out of stainless steel (841 x 452 x 15 mm), which fits the roof precisely if equipped with the leading tags (this is important in case of unladen storage)
  • moreover, the system is equipped with 2 pieces of driven conveyors, supplied with pneumatic lifting jacks, which is intended to help loading and unloading
  • the complete mechanical rack of the equipment, the control, the moving and the power steering elements

The price includes

  • the construction on site
  • deployment
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1 PC, through which the storage positions are accessible

On demand, a database management software may be developed, through which the equipment can be connected to the integrated corporate governance systems. The complete control electronics and software are the development of the company’s own, Hungarian professionals.

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